Waste Equipment Supply

Is your business looking to reduce its waste and recycling spend?

We may have the solution for you. We supply premium quality waste balers, waste compactors and other compaction equipment across the UK to make your waste disposal more efficient, convenient, and cost-effective.

You can either buy or lease or compactors with full maintenance services available.

We have vast choice of equipment available for all business sectors or we can build to your requirements.

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Improve Your Workplace’s Efficiency

Waste balers and waste compactors greatly reduce the space occupied by your business’s waste by compressing it down into small, manageable bales. Baled cardboard, for example, occupies 90% less space, and containers such as cans and bottles can be reduced in volume by up to 95%!

This not only makes your workplace cleaner and more environmentally friendly, but also means that your recycling waste will need to be removed less frequently, allowing you to make savings on manual labour and collection costs. GB Environmental Services can sometimes offer a rebate on your recycled materials.

Choose The Right Waste Baler For You

We provide waste balers and waste compactors to suit any needs. Our range spans from small 25kg-capacity machines up to huge 500kg mill size balers, and we also build custom machinery to any specified customer requirements, including any required ancillary equipment.

Eco Vertical Balers

Eco Vertical Baler

The Eco Range is designed to fulfil basic baling requirements while emphasising ease of use and value for money. Intended as an entry-level “no-frills” product line, our Eco machines are lightweight, operationally friendly, and easy to maintain.

Auto Vertical Balers

Auto Vertical Baler

The Auto Range excels in ease of use – each machine is equipped with an automatic return press plate, which allows the operator to simply press the Start button and let the machine do the rest.

Semi Automatic Balers

Semi Automatic Baler

Semi-automatic balers fulfil a broad range of baling requirements. They typically have a far higher capacity than vertical balers, making them better suited to larger companies producing a high volume of recyclable waste.

Fully Automatic Balers

Fully Automatic Baler

Automatic balers are generally much larger than semi-auto machines, meaning that their capacity is greatly increased. Their large footprint and colossal capacity are great for large businesses that produce a large volume of recyclable waste.

Waste Baler Banding

We can also supply banding for balers and waste bins.

Baler Strapping

Baler Strapping

Available to suit most brands of baling equipment.

Cut Loop Baling Wire

Cut Loop Wire

Available to suit your requirements for all types of balers.

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Why Baler Options?

With balers your company can:

  • Save Money
  • Reduce Waste
  • Save Time
  • Help the Environment
  • Improve its working environment
  • Enhance its green credentials
Cardboard & Polythene Waste

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